ADVACAM detector installation at COMEX facility

On October 23rd, an ADVACAM detector was introduced into a mineral sorting system at COMEX research facility located in Poland. This collaboration is part of the EU H2020 project X-MINE, of which ADVACAM has been a part since 2017. The energy-sensitive photon-counting detectors are greatly useful...

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ADVACAM s.r.o. is ISO 9001 certified

ADVACAM s.r.o. is one of few companies to receive an ISO certification for Research & Development. Our team of scientists and specialists brings deep expertise to the research of various imaging methods and the design of related, state-of-the-art photon-counting imaging detectors. ADVACAM detectors belong...

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MiniPIX on-board nanosatellite in SpaceX launch

ADVACAM is a proud member of VZLUSAT-2 mission that will be launched into orbit on Friday, December 18th, by Space X rocket Falcon 9. VZLUSAT-2 will include ADVACAM’s MiniPIX detector onboard. It is the second nanosatellite designed by the Czech Aerospace Research Centre or VZLÚ. The...

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