The ultra-compact gamma camera

The smallest and lightest gamma camera is based on a single MiniPIX TPX3 device equipped with a 2 mm thick CdTe sensor. It makes images of the distribution of gamma sources in an environment with a very broad observation angle (in fact in all directions – even backward). Except for the image,...

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The face mask reduces inhaled radioactivity

The MiniPIX detector of ADVACAM visualizes individual particles of ionizing radiation. It can be nicely used for radiation monitoring with the identification of radiation types. We have performed simple experiments showing the temporal change of radiation intensity and composition in a normal...

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Our product scored in inVISION TOP INNOVATION 2018

Our fully spectral AdvaPIX-Timepix3 camera for ionizing radiation (e.g. X-rays) was awarded as one of the top ten most innovative products by inVision, the specialized German magazine for image processing, embedded vision, and 3D metrology. An independent jury of experts awarded the AdvaPIX product...

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