Our product scored in inVISION TOP INNOVATION 2018

Our fully spectral AdvaPIX-Timepix3 camera for ionizing radiation (e.g. X-rays) was awarded as one of the top ten most innovative products by inVision, the specialized German magazine for image processing, embedded vision, and 3D metrology. An independent jury of experts awarded the AdvaPIX product...

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NASA sends ADVACAM’s detectors to space station

As NASA recently announced the results of our development “The Miniaturized Particle Telescope” was approved for the next mission to International Space Station (ISS) from March to September 2017 (see original NASA announcement here). This device will monitor cosmic radiation (solar,...

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New WidePIX F 2×5 MPX3

Our new WidePIX F 2×5 MPX3 Dual X-ray imaging detector is here. The first commercial piece was delivered to its customer last month. We offer it in the category of “custom products” for now. It is very compact but very powerful. It gives up to 450 frames per second in the resolution...

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