MiniPIX on-board nanosatellite in SpaceX launch

ADVACAM is a proud member of VZLUSAT-2 mission that will be launched into orbit on Friday, December 18th, by Space X rocket Falcon 9. VZLUSAT-2 will include ADVACAM’s MiniPIX detector onboard. It is the second nanosatellite designed by the Czech Aerospace Research Centre or VZLÚ. The...

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Do you need an imaging detector with a hole in the middle?

An instant development of new imaging structures in ADVACAM results in a new line of detectors optimized for XRD, SAXS, or similar tasks where a primary pencil beam of radiation needs to pass through the detector without interaction. For this purpose, we developed a Quad detector with a monolithic...

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Miniaturized Compton gamma camera: More tests

The MiniPIX TPX3 based ultra/compact gamma camera introduced in the previous article by Dr. Jan Jakubek was tested with several different gamma emitting isotopes. Here we show the result of one experiment with three sources: Iodine I-131 (gamma line at 364 keV),Sodium Na-22 (annihilation gamma...

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