Radalytica Robotic Imaging System

Radalytica is a unique, adaptable, high-performance robotic imaging platform that  combines several modalities, such as spectral “color” x-ray, computed tomography, ultrasound, laser surface profiling, etc. Unlike conventional devices, the integration of imaging technologies on six-axis robotic arms gives unlimited flexibility in terms of the size or shape of the sample. Radalytica can be integrated into production lines, portable systems, or stand-alone lab systems. It has a wide range of applications in aerospace, automotive, healthcare, research laboratories, food safety, and other industries.

  • Modular combination of imaging methods
  • Total freedom of X-ray viewing angles
  • Flexibility regarding size and shape of samples
  • Air-coupled ultrasound scan for complex curvatures
  • Extendible to 3D by Computed Tomography and Tomosynthesis
  • High resolution of 50 µm in large area scans
  • Automatic repetitive, online, and real-time inspection
  • Easy programming and intuitive manual handling using 3D Mouse Move
  • Possibility to integrate into production lines or stand-alone flexible lab systems or portable systems

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