Virtual demonstration of Radalytica Imaging System, along with its various applications

Radalytica scanning the airplane body on-site, showcasing the portability of the system. Resolution of 0.05 mm allows capturing even the smallest defect.

Use the 3D mouse to control Radalytica robotic arms in realtime, keeping yourself safe from the radiations.

Radalytica scanning an auto part. Sample shape and size are never a hindrance to the system.

Sample shape laser scanning to get a high-resolution image or a 3D model for inspection

2D x-ray images and 3D CT reconstruction of a flower pot with some everyday items.

Inspection of an airplane propeller for defects. This shows the versatility of Radalytica’s robotic arm to scan the complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas of the sample. 

Demonstration of Radalytica scanning famous “Raphael” painting for authentication purpose. 

The video shows the synchronization and stability of the Radalytica robotic arms.

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