Radiation Education Kit


The Radiation Education Kit is a setup of radiation camera, radioisotope sources, and accessories to better understand nuclear and particle physics. The kit brings the latest CERN technology to classrooms and lets the students discover the invisible world of radiation. The same technology, Advacam’s MiniPIX, is being used by NASA to monitor radiation on the International Space Station.


Advacam’s Minipix EDU comes with Pixet Basic software that provides a simple interface for analyzing radiation. The accessories and experiments are designed to help students better understand muons, alpha, beta, gamma, and other particles.

The kit is extensible beyond the provided experiments. The translation stage is a standard platform with dimensions provided. Thus, you may come up with your own ideas and perform novel experiments. Share the experiments on the online platform and discover the ideas from other creative people like you. The online community also helps with technical issues and serves as a platform for Q&As.

Components of Radiation Education Kit:

  1. Advacam’s MiniPIX EDU camera (detector) Click for datasheet  
  2. Pixet Basic software
  3. List of experiments 
  4. Polonium-210 (ɑ source)
  5. Strontium-90 (β source)
  6. Cobalt-60 (ɣ and β source)
  7. Thoriated Electrodes, thorium-232(ɑ, β and ɣ source)
  8. Translation stage
  9. Camera holder
  10. Source holder
  11. Electrodes holder
  12. Collimator
  13. Detector cap
  14. Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and lead plates 
  15. Thumb screws
  16. USB cable

Device description

USB connector

USB type A, Standard USB 2.0 Full-Speed.

Mechanical dimensions

All dimensions are in mm.
* Sensitive surface distance from top of the box is for 300 µm sensor thickness.

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