Author: Anuj Rathi

Do you need an imaging detector with a hole in the middle?

An instant development of new imaging structures in ADVACAM results in a new line of detectors optimized for XRD, SAXS, or similar tasks where a primary pencil beam of radiation needs to pass through the detector without interaction. For this purpose, we developed a Quad detector with a monolithic...

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Miniaturized Compton gamma camera: More tests

The MiniPIX TPX3 based ultra/compact gamma camera introduced in the previous article by Dr. Jan Jakubek was tested with several different gamma emitting isotopes. Here we show the result of one experiment with three sources: Iodine I-131 (gamma line at 364 keV),Sodium Na-22 (annihilation gamma...

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New miniaturized camera from ADVACAM

The effort of several last months resulted in our new small family member MiniPIX TPX3. It is a palmtop size photon-counting radiation imager or particle tracker. For each ionizing particle (e.g X-ray photon) it digitally registers its position, energy, time of arrival, and track shape – basically...

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Palmtop particle telescopes based on MiniPIX TPX3

The miniaturized MiniPIX TPX3 radiation imaging detector is designed with a maximal emphasis on versatility. Several of these devices can be combined into a larger multi-detector system either next to each other (to cover larger are or wider solid angle) or in layers on top of each other. This...

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The ultra-compact gamma camera

The smallest and lightest gamma camera is based on a single MiniPIX TPX3 device equipped with a 2 mm thick CdTe sensor. It makes images of the distribution of gamma sources in an environment with a very broad observation angle (in fact in all directions – even backward). Except for the image,...

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The face mask reduces inhaled radioactivity

The MiniPIX detector of ADVACAM visualizes individual particles of ionizing radiation. It can be nicely used for radiation monitoring with the identification of radiation types. We have performed simple experiments showing the temporal change of radiation intensity and composition in a normal...

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