Johann-type laboratory-scale x-ray absorption spectrometer with versatile detection modes

We present a low-cost laboratory X-ray absorption spectrometer that uses a conventional X-ray tube source and bent Johann-type crystal monochromators. The instrument is designed for X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies in the 4–20 keV range which covers most K edges of 3d transition metals and L edges of 5d transition metals and actinides. The energy resolution is typically in the range of 1–5 eV at 10 keV depending on the crystal analyser and the Bragg angle. Measurements can be performed in transmission, fluorescence, and imaging modes. Due to its simple and modular design, the spectrometer can be modified to accommodate additional equipment and complex sample environments required for in situ studies. A showcase of various applications is presented.

Honkanen, A. P., Ollikkala, S., Ahopelto, T., Kallio, A. J., Blomberg, M., & Huotari, S. (2019). Johann-type laboratory-scale X-ray absorption spectrometer with versatile detection modes. Review of Scientific Instruments90(3), 033107.

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