USB 3.0 readout and time-walk correction method for Timepix3 detector

The hybrid particle counting pixel detectors of Medipix family are well known. In this contribution we present new USB 3.0 based interface AdvaDAQ for Timepix3 detector. The AdvaDAQ interface is designed with a maximal emphasis to the flexibility. It is successor of FitPIX interface developed in IEAP CTU in Prague. Its modular architecture supports all Medipix/Timepix chips and all their different readout modes: Medipix2, Timepix (serial and parallel), Medipix3 and Timepix3. The high bandwidth of USB 3.0 permits readout of 1700 full frames per second with Timepix or 8 channel data acquisition from Timepix3 at frequency of 320 MHz. The control and data acquisition is integrated in a multiplatform PiXet software (MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux). In the second part of the publication a new method for correction of the time-walk effect in Timepix3 is described. Moreover, a fully spectroscopic X-ray imaging with Timepix3 detector operated in the ToT mode (Time-over-Threshold) is presented. It is shown that the AdvaDAQ’s readout speed is sufficient to perform spectroscopic measurement at full intensity of radiographic setups equipped with nano- or micro-focus X-ray tubes.

Turecek, D., Jakubek, J., & Soukup, P. (2016). USB 3.0 readout and time-walk correction method for Timepix3 detector. Journal of Instrumentation11(12), C12065.

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