The ATLAS tracker Pixel detector for HL-LHC

The high luminosity upgrade of the LHC (HL-LHC) in 2026 will provide new challenges to the ATLAS tracker. The current Inner Detector will be replaced with an all-silicon tracker which will consist of a five barrel layer Pixel detector surrounded by a four barrel layer Strip detector. The expected dense tracking environment and high radiation levels require the development of higher granularity radiation hard silicon sensors and a new front-end readout chip. The data rates require new technologies for high bandwidth data transmission and handling. The current status of the HL-LHC ATLAS Pixel detector developments as well as the various layout options are presented in this paper.

Gemme, C. (2017). The ATLAS tracker Pixel detector for HL-LHC (No. ATL-ITK-PROC-2017-001, p. 019). ATL-COM-ITK-2016-029.

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