Progress on TSV technology for Medipix3RX chip

The progress of Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology for Medipix3RX chip done at DESY is presented here. The goal of this development is to replace the wire bonds in X-ray detectors with TSVs, in order to reduce the dead area between detectors. We obtained the first working chips assembled together with Si based sensors for X-ray detection. The 3D integration technology, including TSV, Re-distribution layer deposition, bump bonding to the Si sensor and bump bonding to the carrier PCB, was done by Fraunhofer Institute IZM in Berlin. After assembly, the module was successfully tested by recording background radiation and making X-ray images of small objects. The active area of the Medipix3RX chip is 14.1 mm×14.1 mm or 256×256 pixels. During TSV processing, the Medipix3RX chip was thinned from 775 μm original thickness, to 130 μm. The diameter of the vias is 40 μm, and the pitch between the vias is 120 μm. A liner filling approach was used to contact the TSV with the RDL on the backside of the Medipix3RX readout chip.

Sarajlić, M., Pennicard, D., Smoljanin, S., Fritzsch, T., Zoschke, K., & Graafsma, H. (2017). Progress on TSV technology for Medipix3RX chip. Journal of Instrumentation12(12), C12042.

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