Mining and geology

Mining and GeologyResources mined from Earth fuel our society. However, efficient, eco-friendly mining is a must if we want to keep the economy and society sustainable. Cheap, fast exploration for mineral resources is required. Geology is a tool to understand our planet and also to help find resources still undiscovered.

Material discriminating X-ray imaging of ore

The energy-sensitive photon-counting detectors can help in this area thanks to the option of material identification in images. Drill cores from exploration boreholes can be now analyzed in-situ identifying different minerals and providing immediate feedback for further exploration.

Online monitoring of technological processes during mineral processing is another very important area where X-ray material resolved imaging plays an important role. It helps to increase the effectiveness of processing and reduce energy consumption leading not only to reduced costs but also to lower environmental effects.

EU H2020 project X-MINE

In 2017 Advacam has joined the European Union H2020 project X-MINE. Advacam is engaged in the project to design, develop and manufacture semiconductor sensors. The sensors are used for advanced spectroscopic X-ray fluorescence and X-ray transmission imaging cameras that will be optimized for the inspected ore samples from different mines.

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