Particle SPECTRAL IMAGING See The Unseen With Advacam’s Photon
Counting Energy-Resolving Detectors
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  • Advacam’s imaging cameras are direct conversion single photon counting pixel detectors that represent the cutting edge of current radiation imaging technology.
  • The term “single photon counting” means that every single photon of X-ray radiation detected in the individual pixel is processed and counted.
  • The technology brings two major advantages in comparison to conventional x-ray imaging – high contrast together with sharp high-resolution images and spectral information of the radiation that allows material-specific information to be displayed in colors.

Radalytica Robotic Imaging System

  • Radalytica is an innovative modular combination of imaging methods using a collaborative robotic system. It enables real-time 3D scanning of the objects from any angle with flexible robotic arms, quick-handling, easy programming, and simple data interpretation
  • Examples of the tools used by Radalytica are x-ray computed tomography, air-coupled ultrasound, and a high-resolution laser surface mapping. It can detect the smallest defects in a variety of samples, thus overcoming the limitations of traditional x-ray inspection

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