Multi-Foil X–ray optics tests at PANTER: Preliminary results

We present and discuss preliminary test results performed with
selected modules of Multi–Foil X–ray Optics in the MPE PANTER X–ray
test facility. Three X–ray optics Multi–Foil modules were tested, namely 1D
Kirkpatrick-Baez module, 2D Kirkpatrick-Baez module, both developed within the EU Horizon 2020 AHEAD Project, as well as the Lobster–Eye module REX for the rocket flight experiment.

Pina, L., Hudec, R., Inneman, A., Nentvich, O., Urban, M., Marsikova, V., … & Daniel, V. (2018). Multi-Foil X-ray optics tests at PANTER: Preliminary results. Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso48(3), 466-475.

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