First tests with Timepix2 and heavy ions

We investigate the response of the new Timepix2 chip to heavy ions. Understanding this response is important to understand the performance and capabilities of this chip in the space environment, where it is a possible replacement for the existing Timepix chip which is already widely used in space. We carry out measurements on Timepix2 using a variety of heavy ion beams. We find that the Timepix2 generally performs as expected for a variety of measurements. We confirm that the Timepix2 front end can measure up to at least 2.2 MeV in silicon per pixel. We also confirm that improvements in the pixel interaction with the shutter allow for measurements of individual tracks in fields substantially more intense than those measurable by Timepix. We conclude that the Timepix2 is a very promising candidate for use in space radiation measurements.

George, S., Turecek, D., Wheeler, S., Kodaira, S., & Pinsky, L. (2020). First tests with Timepix2 and heavy ions. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment958, 162725.

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