Characterization of Structures of Equivalent Tissue With a Pixel Detector

Research using hybrid pixel detectors in medical physics is on the rise. Timepix detectors have arrays of 256 × 256 pixels with a resolution of 55 μm. Here, and by using Timepix counts instead of Hounsfield units, we present a calibration curve of a Timepix detector analog to those used for CT calibration. Experimentation consisted of the characterization of electron density in 10 different kinds of tissue equivalent samples from a CIRS 062M phantom (lung, 3 kinds of bones, fat, breast, muscle, water and air). Radiation of the detector was performed using an orthodontic X-ray machine at 70 KeV and .06 second of tube current with a purpose-built aluminum collimator. Data acquisition was performed at 1 frame per second and taking 3 frames per phantom. We were able to find a curve whose behavior was similar to others already published. This will lead to the verification of the usage of Timepix for identification of different tissues in an organ.

Luyando, M. G., De Celis-Alonso, B., Moreno-Barbosa, E., Hernandez, M. M., Lopez, J. H., & Munoz, G. T. (2017). Characterization Of Structures Of Equivalent Tissue With a Pixel Detector. Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications5(1), 79-89.

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