ADVACAM Detectors assist in studying the internal structure of plants

ADVACAM’s partner company, Radalytica, recently completed the installation of its robotic imaging system Radalyx into the phenotyping platform of Czech company Photon Systems Instruments (PSI), which will use it to study the internal structure of plants.

Thanks to the robotic arms and imaging technology of Widepix, it is not necessary to cut or otherwise interfere with the plant. The seeds can be studied non-invasively.

Radalytica’s robotic imaging system is equipped with ADVACAM WidePIX detector with which it is possible not only to recognize the internal structure of plants and seeds in detail but also to create a CT of scanned plants and observe seeds that would otherwise be invisible.

The robotic imaging system equipped with the WidePIX detector allows the creation of CT, thanks to which it is possible to examine, for example, seeds that would otherwise be invisible.

The purpose of installing this device is to uncover and characterize the inner structures of the plants or areas concealed by the leaf canopy and quantitatively assess the exact biomass of the stalks and ears. PSI company is currently focusing, for instance, on the development of automated protocols for analysis of underground structures such as potato tubers.

The plants are transported to the scanner on a conveyor belt. The system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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