The Range of Gamma Photon


Stage, camera holder, source holder, cobalt-60, Minipix-EDU


  1. Launch the Pixet Basic software and modify settings to the following:
    1. Min Level: 0
    2. Max Level: 100
    3. Measurement Mode: Tracking
    4. Frames: 600
    5. Exposure: 1 s
    6. Sum: check
    7. Color Map: Hot
  2. Mount the MiniPix EDU camera and cobalt on the stage.
  3. Keep a distance of 2 cm between the camera and source and click on the play button to collect data.
  4. Repeat the same experiment with distance between camera and source to be 4 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, and 12 cm.


  1. Make a table for the distance between camera and source (x) and kinetic energy of gamma photons (Ek) (Table 1).

    Table 1: The observed energy of gamma photon with increasing distance
  2. The standard deviation of Ek is 0.82 which is very insignificant compared to the energy loss of alpha particles. 


  1. The photons retain most of their energy until it’s lost in interaction through the photoelectric effect or by creating electron-positron pairs or by Compton scattering.

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